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Message From: Kathy Vasko April 18, 2016
I lost the best street cat ever..... Little Gray was 18 years plus and finished his life with Director Mary Lou Kunkler in 2016. Could not keep him in the house, but he was the best porch/yard cat you could ever have.....Rest in Peace, my sweet kitty of the street.....

Message From: P chapman December 2, 2015
Remembering adopted kitty Archie and foster kitty Carmen. They are missed.

Message From: Damian January 18, 2015
We adopted sister kittens Monica and Phoebe in January of 2002. They are still happy and healthy and acting like kittens. The joy and love they have brought to us through the years is priceless. Thank you Friends for Life and all of your foster parents.

Message From: Shari & Kevin September 19, 2014
Rest in Peace Sweet Daniel, you are now with your brother Stephen. Daniel was adopted January 4, 2004 from FFLAH. He was 13 years old

Message From: Shari & Kevin March 12, 2014
Rest in Peace Miss Nettie, I was so sorry to hear of your passing. As the mom of two of your kittens, Stephen and Daniel, I feel a special bond to you. I am glad FFLAH gave you a wonderful life. You are now at Rainbow Bridge with your son Stephen.

Message From: Shari January 20, 2014
I love your organization. I have adopted six kitties from FFLAH. Courtney was adopted 2/23/02 and is now 12 years old and doing great. We adopted her biological mother Amelia as well on 3/13/02 and she is now 13 and doing great. Angelica was adopted 2/24/02 and sadly went to Rainbow Bridge on 10/3/10. Daniel, Stephen and Stewart were adopted 01/04/04. Daniel is now 12 and doing great. Stewart went to Rainbow Bridge on 8/20/10 and Stephen went to Rainbow Bridge on 9/30/13. Angelica, Amelia, Stewart, Daniel & Stephen were all adults when adopted and taught me the many rewards of giving an adult kitty a forever home.

Message From: Nancy & John Stephens May 8, 2013
We adopted Shayla 8-1/2 years ago when she was 2. We were her third and final "forever home". She was brought into a family of 3 other fur-kids. Monday morning she unexpectly left us for her "forever dream heaven." Shayla leaves behind her best sissy Bailee whom is missing her terribly. Thank you FFAH we are indebted to your rescue efforts and bringing Shayla into our lives.

Message From: Shannon June 22, 2012
We adopted Lexie and Ginger on June 7, 2012. We are so excited to have two new family members and give them a home!

Message From: Connie January 9, 2012
I adopted 2 beautiful white cats Skye and Moss 8 years ago. I love them very much. Thanks so much Linda for letting me adopted them.

Message From: James January 3, 2012
I adopted Tony (then named Spook) in Oct 1998. He went to his rest today, January, 3, 2012. I'm so glad that he included me as a part of his journey and he will be sadly missed.