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Sammie was adopted by the Schick family on June 28th, and by July 8, she took over the dog's bed. Congrats to Sammie for her adoption and how well she's fitting in. And our apologies to the dog. It's her bed now.


Congratulations to Clyde and his new family.


Cheddar and Skitter were hard to place together. They are a bonded pair and needed to be placed together. They are now safe and secure in their new home. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the right home for kitties, and it becomes a little more difficult when they need to go together. This is just another success story that confirms to those of us in the rescue world that the perfect home for each rescue animal is out there. Congratulations to Cheddar and Skitter and their new family. We are so happy for all of you.


Congratulations to Millie and her new family. She has a feline brother waiting for her at home who is waiting desperately for his new play buddy.


Congratulations to Princess and her new furever home.

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